About Us

How it started…

 Custom Cornhole Company was started by two friends from Burlington, MA who loved  building projects. When we were in college, we came across cornhole and figured we would give it a shot. When we were on summer vacation, we made a couple of sets and enjoyed the process. After making our own personal sets, we had friends and family ask us to make them sets too and business took off from there.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.  

Nasi Nikolopoulos - Co-founder and Owner


 Nasi graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Business Administration degree in the spring of 2018. Nasi has always been a hands on person and loved to build his whole life. When he started woodworking back in high school, Nasi was always  fascinated by the way things were made and the craftsmanship people put into creating things out of wood. Creating CCC was a great way to show off Nasi’s woodworking skills while also using his business skills at the same time. 

Jeff Turri - Co-founder and Graphic Designer


 Jeff graduated from Endicott College with a BFA in Graphic Design in the spring of 2018. From the time Jeff was in high school, he always had an interest in graphic design. Becoming the graphic designer for CCC helped him expand his creativity and made him think outside the box, while also giving Jeff the opportunity to showcase the designing skills he learned at Endicott. Along with CCC, Jeff is also a Graphic Designer at Cummings Properties, specializing in signage and large scale graphics.